CSS3 Selectors Module

Selectors describes the element selectors in CSS3. Selectors are used to select elements in an HTML or XML document, in order to attach (style) properties to them. It includes the selectors of CSS1 and CSS2 and extends them with new proposals, that allow, for example, elements to be selected based on whether they are the immediate sibling of another element, or whether they are the only child element of their kind.

Editors: Tantek Çelik, Daniel Glazman, Ian Hickson, Peter Linss, John Williams

Priority: High

Current Specification: http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-selectors/

Current Status: Proposed Recommendation (?)

Upcoming: Recommendation (?) – expected 2010

Specification History:

Proposed Recommendation – 15 December 2010

Last Call – 10 March 09

Last Call – 15 Dec 05

Candidate Recommendation – 13 Nov 01

Last Call – 26 Jan 01

Working Draft – 05 Oct 00

Working Draft – 10 Apr 00


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