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    Just a flying update, to provide some links of interest (with little-to-no comment):

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      I don’t know about the marquee thing. It may be a bit practical mobile-wise. But as for desktop use.. I think marquee’s died out a few years ago. They’re kind of annoying and if you miss something you have to watch it again unless you have it programmed to stop when you roll over it. ..Which it looks like this working draft does not have that option to do that.

      *shrug* It wouldn’t be something I would use, but it’s good to have it on hand I guess as is with everything.

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      I fail to see how Marquee is at all a good use of W3C resources. If screen size is a hinderance to view, the user agent should be able to do something about it. Yea gods!

      Let’s get DOM properties in CSS eh? Something our old friends MS’ proposed years ago. That would make things easier…

      container { margin: 0 auto; }
      left_colum { left: container.left + 10px; }
      middle_column { left: left_column.right + 10px; }
      right_colum { left: middle_column.right + 10px; }

      Heck, we could even get a hacky little element for simple multicolumn stuff!
      middle_column { text-columns: 2; float-relative: container; }
      right_column { text-columns: 2; float-relative: column; }

      How many of you can instantly figure out what something like that would look like? How many of you can code it easily in CSS?

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