• 200922 Mar

    An interesting implementation has recently made its way into the latest Webkit nightlies – a detailed method of styling scrollbars using a combination of new pseudo-elements and pseudo-classes.


    Although the new syntax can seem complicated at first, Webkits implementation gives authors the ability to completely alter the look and feel of scrollbars of overflow sections, listboxes, dropdown menus & textareas, and when used in conjunction with border-image and multiple backgrounds, the results can look beautiful.

    Whitepaper gives more details on the implementation.

  • 200804 Jun

    News about developments in CSS 3 is hard to come by at the moment, so please forgive the slow rate of updates on the site in the last month. I attended the @media conference here in London last week and news on progress in CSS was noticeable by its absence, when even HTML 5 had its own session.

    I see that Bert Bos has delivered a couple of presentations on the Template (formerly ‘Advanced’) Layout Module, but I can’t find slides of them anywhere. If anyone attended the talks and can send us copies, do please get in touch.

    Other than that, the only news is that the CSS WG have released their list of expected module deliverables; the modules listed in the 2007 snapshot along with Media Queries look set to be Recommendations shortly, with many others to take on Candidate Recommendation status.

    And that’s it. Sorry there isn’t more, or that it isn’t more exciting. I’m aiming to put together a load of new examples soon, so that should be more interesting!

    Update: As mentioned in a comment below, no sooner do I say there’s not much going on than David Baron announces that the remaining CSS3 selectors have been implemented in a build of Mozilla (which will probably be seen in Firefox 3.1), and Media Queries are set to follow. That’s good news.


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