About Us

CSS3 is the new kid in the stylesheet family. It offers exciting new possibilities to create an impact with your designs, allows you to use more diverse style sheets for a variety of occasions and lots more. We created this site because we want to share our experiences of CSS3 with you, and want nothing more than to simply be the biggest online resource covering CSS3. (Hey, we're ambitious!)

At the moment we have three sections: a CSS3 Preview, which shows you individual CSS3 features that are implemented in browsers today, and how great they are. Next to that, we have the CSS3 weblog, where we have introductory articles and news concerning interesting CSS3 stuff as it comes along. The last section is the modules section, where we keep a list of the current modules and their status, and where we will add more and more compatibility tables.

This page is run by a few people, and since there is a slight chance you don't know all of us, we thought we should introduce ourselves:

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