• 200821 Jan

    While browsing the admin section of this site, I saw an incoming link titled Fun with CSS3. It includes three examples of creating a recipe card mock up using CSS3 that is currently implemented in browsers. Due to the various levels of implementation, no browser can create the whole design using the CSS3 techniques, which is why it was split in three parts.

    Because no single browser supports all the innovations in CSS3, I’ve split the Recipe Card page into several examples, each with unique markup. No point in looking at these in IE or Firefox – fire up the latest Safari or Opera instead.

    I’m looking forward to a time when examples like this can be displayed fully by one browser. As for improvements to the examples, I’d like to see the heading images replaced with Web Fonts, and the images in the footer should be trivial to turn into SVG and added using list-style-image. The most difficult parts would be the effect the main title has inside the text (a transparent background image should be able to make this work) and the rotated main menu text. There is currently no way to rotate text in CSS. The example is making me hungry though.

    Using a different approach, there are also some nice CSS3 examples on the CSS section of Dev Opera show casing what can be done with CSS today using progressive enhancement.

    Do you know of any nice CSS3 demo, or have you created your own? If so share them in the comments. I’d love to see them.

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