• 200805 Feb

    If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know that Opera has been making great progress on the CSS3 selectors front in the latest version of its engine – Presto Core-2. While Opera 9.5 does pass every test in the CSS3.info selectors test, it wasn’t without issues. The test doesn’t test the ::selection pseudo element. It also doesn’t test what happens when manipulating the markup through the DOM. Both of these were not supported in Core-2, but that is now not the case.

    If you go to this test page (Warning Geocities) with the latest Opera weekly, you’ll notice it is now working correctly. This is the last selector that Opera didn’t support. The dynamic behaviour of the selectors have also been fixed. If you head off to Quirksmode and try out either the :first-child and :last-child, :only-child, :first-line and :first-letter or the :empty tests, you’ll find that they all work. Although it is most likely not without bugs (what software is?), it seems Opera 9.5 will be the first browser that fully supports all selectors in CSS correctly. It could be that Konqueror has fixed the issues high-lighted on PPK’s blog, but I don’t have a copy to test. Leave a comment if that is the case. Konqueror does fantastically well even if it doesn’t support everything.

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