• 201029 Oct

    The latest Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview (build 6) released yesterday at Microsoft’s professional developers conferences adds further support for CSS3, specifically CSS3 2D Transforms.

    The platform preview, which can be downloaded here, also contains several bug fixes and performance enhancements, full details can be found in the release notes here and further details on IE9’s CSS3 support can be found in the IE9 Developer Guide.

    This latest developer release follows hot on the heals of the IE9 beta which, according to figures from Microsoft, has been downloaded over 10 million times since being released in mid-September. The final release candidate for IE9 is expected early next year.

    Incidentally, rival browser vendor Mozilla has revised the release schedule for Firefox 4, with the final release candidate also expected early next year. The next beta build of Firefox 4 (build 8) is expected on November 12 2010.

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