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CSS3 Module Status

The powers that be have decided to split CSS3 into multiple ‘modules’, as the monolithic CSS2 would have become far too unwieldy when expanded to the degree that CSS3 has been. Splitting CSS into modules also allows the W3C to bring those modules up to Recommendation level at different rates.

Following is a table of all the CSS3 modules and their current status. css3.info will be maintaining this table as modules progress through their development stages. The further advanced modules are listed first. No CSS3 module has yet reached Recommendation status.

Note: This page was last updated 08 January 2012.

Illustration of the progress through the development stages made by each of CSS3’s modules.
Module Last Update Upcoming
CSS Color (Complete) 07 June 2011 REC
CSS Namespaces (Complete) 29 September 2011 REC
Selectors (Complete) 29 September 2011 REC
Candidate Recommendation (?)
Media Queries (Stable) 27 July 2010 PR
CSS Style Attributes (Stable) 12 October 2010 PR
CSS Backgrounds & Borders (Testing) 15 February 2011 CR
CSS Marquee (Testing) 5 December 2008 PR
CSS Multi-column Layout (Testing) 12 April 2012 CR
CSS Basic User Interface (Revising) 11 May 2004 LC
Last Call (?)
CSS Speech (Refining) 18 August 2011 CR
CSS Paged Media (Revising) (Inactive) 10 October 2006 LC
Working Draft (?)
CSS 2D Transformations (Refining) 15 December 2011 WD
CSS Transitions (Refining) 1 December 2009 WD
CSS Animations (Revising) (Outdated) 20 March 2009 WD
CSS Flexible Box Layout (Revising) 29 November 2011 WD
CSS Fonts Level 3 (Revising) 4 October 2011 LC
CSS Image Values & Replaced Content (Revising) 6 December 2011 WD
CSS Text (Revising) 1 September 2011 WD
CSS 3D Transformations (Revising) 20 March 2009 WD
CSS Values & Units (Revising) 6 September 2011 WD
CSS Writing Modes (Revising) 1 September 2011 WD
CSSOM View (Revising) 4 August 2011 WD
CSS Cascading & Inheritance (Exploring) (Inactive) 15 December 2005 WD
CSS Conditional Rules (Exploring) 1 September 2011 WD
CSS Device Adaptation (Exploring) 15 September 2011 WD
CSS Exclusions and Shapes (Exploring) 13 December 2011 WD
CSS Generated Content for Paged Media (Exploring) 29 November 2011 WD
CSS Grid Layout (Exploring) 7 April 2011 WD
CSS Lists (Exploring) 24 May 2011 WD
CSS Presentation Levels (Exploring) (Inactive) 13 August 2003 WD
CSS Regions (Exploring) 29 November 2011 WD
CSS Template Layout (Exploring) 29 November 2011 WD
CSS Object Model (Exploring) 12 July 2011 WD
CSS Basic Box Model (Rewriting) (Dangerously outdated) 9 August 2007 WD
CSS Generated Content (Rewriting) (Severely outdated) 14 May 2003 WD
CSS Line Layout (Rewriting) (Severely outdated) 15 May 2002 WD
CSS Ruby (Rewriting) (Outdated and majorly underdefined) 30 June 2011 WD
CSS Syntax (Rewriting) (Severely outdated) 13 August 2003 WD
Announced (?)
CSS Positioning (Exploring) WD
CSS Tables (Exploring) (Inactive) WD
CSS Line Grid (Rewriting) (Being redesigned) WD

There are also several ‘Profiles’ designed to suit different media:

Illustration of the progress through development made by the various CSS3 media profiles.
Module Status Updated
Print Profile Last Call 13 October 2006
TV Profile Candidate Recommendation 14 May 2003
Mobile Profile Candidate Recommendation 13 December 2008
Reader Profile Dropped

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