• 200815 Nov

    From the October F2F CSS Working Group minutes (Apple’s proposal); Apple presented their proposals for Animations and Transitions, made remarks on Transforms, gradients, reflections. All four major browser vendors are interested in these proposals, and it is very likely that the CSSWG will accept to work on them. Exciting stuff!

    Hakon presented a proposal for a border-parts property, which defines an on/off mask over the border as a series of lengths; you can check out his proposal in more detail on www-style. Note, this is still very much an unapproved proposal and the WG have stated that they are still unsure how usable/useful a solution such as this would be.

    Dave Hyatt and Daniel Glazman initially came up with a proposal for CSS Variables, and fantasai has now created a counter-proposal detailing plans for a purely parse-time, non-scriptable solution. To help distinguish between the merits of both, I’ve come up with a brief article comparing and summarising both proposals.

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