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    icon: Waving Woman Hiya to all CSS3.info readers

    I’d like to introduce myself in this time of CSS3 excitement and changes here at CSS3.info. Some of you may already know me under the nom de plume of SuzyUK from the CSS Forum at WebmasterWorld. My ‘name ‘has always confused people as I registered on t’internet in the days ‘ASL’ pests and my previous nicknames never even gave away my gender.

    To make it easy, my name is Claire ‘Suzy’ Campbell, Suzy really is my middle name. In my real life I answer to both Claire or Suzy, and on the Web I answer to both too though mostly it’s Suzy. To try and make it easy I’m also a recent twitter convert so I combined them both – you can find me on @ClaireSuzy . I’m Scottish, from the Doric Speaking region so sometimes native ‘wee’ words might crop up in my speech.

    I have loved CSS since the minute I first came across it circa 1997. My personal site tanfa has always ever been a WIP,  (like the cobbler’s children that never have shoes!), though it has some early doors demos on it, and boasts one of the first (very plain) Pure CSS drop ‘n’ pop menu tutorials. It also has a very early, but more pertinent today, CSS Sprite Demo Europe Map Sprite – The old site has been archived and is the process of changing to a somewhat more personal, light-hearted view of CSS, Design, jQuery, SVG, Photoshop you name it I might chat about it.

    Small claim to fame – 15mins in internet years must be about 30seconds? – is that I ‘helped’ (a lot of cleverer people than I) figure out hasLayout (look there’s a wee link at the bottom) and innately understand IE6 if that’s even possible!

    I am so looking forward to chatting about, and using, CSS3 without the “but it doesn’t work in…” comments just letting the imagination run and going with the flow sounds like great fun. The ways in which we can use it already are really exciting. I’m loving seeing what the perseverance of early adopters has done for CSS in general and think it’s about take off in an unprecedented manner. To wit I am excited to part of the CSS3.info author team.  I’m particularly excited about the layout modules as it’s high time CSS took responsibility for presenting the whole page.

    Favourite Browser: Firefox, was a silent NN user before that, am gradually turning to Safari for Development. I use Chrome only for opening my mail, Opera is there or there abouts but I’m a little disappointed in how far they fell behind as they were so far ahead at one point, as far as CSS in concerned anyway, though they have my undying love and support. IE only gets opened when needed. All on Windows as that is my ‘bread an’ butter’ OS

    I hope you like what I might bring to this great site and if you would like me to cover some of the pretty, enhancement stuff, please do let me know, it’s so hard to keep up with all the CSS3 goodness going on at the minute and while I work on “normal” CSS usage daily I like to keep up with the new stuff too. CSS has always been my hobby as well as my extra job too :)

    thanks, and I look forward to meeting you all

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      Welcome on board Suzy! :)

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      Michael "Hi" Howell says:Comment » August 13th, 2009 at 12:39 am

      Hi, Suzy!

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       Good to see a fellow WebmasterWorld poster here. ;-)

      – JAB Creations

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      Hi! I’m just a random reader, but nevertheless, welcome!

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      Welcome Suzy!

      Scottish “wee” words are welcome! I love the flavor of different locales of English :)

      I too used to be hardcore Firefox, but in a very short time Safari 3 and then 4 turned out to be incredibly great browsers. I now use Safari for everything, and I can even get Firebug-like functionality with the built-in Web Inpector. (I’m not sure if that’s available in the Windows release of Safari…I’m on OS X.) I still love Firefox, but Safari’s got Web Standards + Performance + Development pretty solidly covered for me at the moment.

      By all means, please cover pretty CSS3 enhancement stuff! I love it, and that’s why I come to this site! :)

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       What a nice surprise, Claire, to see u here. Really.

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      Thanks to all, I am a bit overwhelmed but appreciate all your lovely comments

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      hiya Suzy,

      Am a huge fan of Firefox and Safari, though i use Opera and Chrome just as often. Have to say that Web Inspector in Safari is one the best. Great tool for developers like me!

      I use IE only for checking how the browser renders the page i have just finished. Only for testing..The last time i used IE for a real browsing purpose was 2-3 years back when i had just bought internet connection for my PC and that too for downloading Firefox ;)

      Have a nice day

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       Thank you for the Tanfa Website tutorials on dropdown menues, Suzy! You have really helped me out!

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       Hi Clair “Suzi” Campbell

      I just found your amazing css menu

      and am toying with it to edit, expand and adjust it.

      One thing I can not seem to get done is this:

      I am trying to make the first menu-item not to drop down but be a single clickable link (just for “Home”). I can make that work, but of course the colors will be set to a li-link in stead of the h2. I tried to add it as a h3, but I can’t manage…?

      I couldn’t leave a message at your website, found you here, and hope to reach you. Many thanks anyway for that amazing menu.

      Erik ([email protected])

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      Dear all,

      Thanks for your tutorial. It is very helpful. I wish you can give me more information for css, I wish I can use it in our website. I am just working in Madeinasia.com Ltd for SEO.

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