• 200601 Aug

    Yes, we are having a contest! We want to get you guys to help us, and we’re going to reward those who do it the best with some cool prizes!

    Ways to win
    There are two things you can do to win in this contest:

    • Submit new content for CSS3.info: new previews, compatibility tables or other interesting stuff related to CSS3;
    • Get patches committed to WebKit or Mozilla, which add CSS3 features to those browsers.

    All entries will be reviewed by me, Joost de Valk, and me alone. I will notify the winners on September 1 2006, and get their prizes to them ASAP after that.

    Your new content for this site and/or proof of your patch being committed has to have reached me, jdevalk [at] css3 . info, before 00:00 CET, August 31 2006. Please let me know that you’d like to enter into the competition by commenting here, or emailing me.
    The content you submit for this contest has to be licensed in such a way that the CSS3.info team has the right to use it in perpetuity and to change it. Everyone can enter and win in this contest, except for me.

    Unfortunately, so far we only have prizes that are of interest for Mac users, perhaps that will change, perhaps it won’t… Follow this blog for updates!

    First prize:

    Second prize:

    Third prize:

    Fourth and fifth prize:

    I’d like to express my thanks to Omnigroup, Karelia, MacRabbit, Realmac Software, Talacia, TextMate and CulturedCode for providing me with licenses of their programs to give away in this contest.

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