• 200701 Feb

    Are you dying to play with some of those CSS3 features that Opera‘s implementing, or is it just me? Well, it turns out there’s a way we can play with them already.

    There’s a little program that takes XML+CSS and turns it into PDF‘s. It’s called PrinceXML, which already supports all those wonderful little CSS3 selectors the Opera folks are making us salivate over. The only downside here, is that PrinceXML isn’t a web browser, but a printing program. It’s still very useful and gives us a good playground to practice on.

    Here’s a partial list of CSS3 selectors PrinceXML supports:

    • E ~ F
    • E:not()
    • E:nth-child()
    • E:nth-of-type()
    • E::before
    • E::after

    Have fun!

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