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    Andy Clarke’s Transcending CSS is a book that anyone involved with client-side web development should read.

    For web designers who know some code there is plenty of forward thinking material about the importance of semantic HTML; for coders with an eye for design there is lots of food for thought about colour, style and inspiration; for everyone, there are some genuinely innovative tips on using CSS to tie it all together.

    Andy Clarke's Transcending CSSThe mark of a good book is that you learn something when you read it (Jeffrey Zeldman’s Designing With Web Standards is a good example); I’ve been coding HTML and CSS for eight years and there were still tutorials in here that made me think afresh about the subject, and some tips that I’ve assumed into my arsenal.

    Of most interest to readers of this site will be the section on CSS3. Included are a look at some of the new selectors, the background and border modules, multi-column layouts and, most excitingly, a way to see the advanced layout module in action.

    There are plenty of examples and exercises, and the book is lavishly laid out and illustrated. That alone would make it a good buy, but the look at CSS3 is what really made it for me.

    I’m presuming by the fact that you’re reading this site that you’re interested in the evolution of standards and how web development is moving forward; that being the case, I can wholeheartedly recommend this book to you.

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