• 200905 Aug

    The W3C have released an updated working draft of the CSSOM View Module, edited by Anne van Kesteren.

    Many of the features defined in the CSSOM View Module have been supported by most browsers for a long period of time, with many tracing their routes back to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. The goal of this specification is therefore not to reinvent the wheel, but rather to define these features in such a way that they can be implemented by all browsers in an identical way.

    As well as serving as a specification for that “de facto” standard this specification also obsoletes DOM Level 2 Views by taking the concepts defined in that specification, making them more concrete, and integrating them with the various “de facto” concepts. In addition the specification also defines a couple of new features that the CSS WG considers to be useful for authors.

    Whilst the updated working draft resolves many of the outstanding issues from the original working draft, published in February 2008, there are clearly still some issues left to resolve before the specification proceeds to Last Call.

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