• 200811 Feb

    As of last week Webkit passes the CSS Selector Test joining Konqueror and Opera as the third browser to provide a stable and complete CSS selector implementation. You can download a nightly build for yourself to try it out. Congratulations to the Webkit team at Apple!

    More information about the current state of CSS Selector support can be found on in the article CSS Selectors: Opera and Safari pass the test! over at Rakaz.nl.

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      Isn’t it just “congratulations to the WebKit team” rather than “at Apple”? As I understand it, a lot of this work comes from the KHTML team moving back into the project. Apologies if this is not the case.

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      Will the latest Webkit engine be included in the stable Safari 3 (whenever it shows up on Windows), or will we have to wait until the next big Safari release?

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      The main question is if WebKit and KHTML pass all the selectors bug cases here. Konqueror was the first browser to pass the Selectors test here, but when Opera passed it we still had many open selectors bugs in our bug tracking system, and one unsupported selector – ::selection. Opera has fixed these bugs and supports selection, and passes all the tests on Quirksmode. I believe Opera is the first browser to implement all selectors correctly, including updating the selection on the fly when elements are added via the DOM. It may be that Konq also handles everything correctly as I can’t test, and Quirksmode only shows the results from officially released browser versions.

      It is cool that WebKit has added the nth-* selectors as I use them quite a lot in demos as they are very useful.

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      I agree that passing the CSS selector test isn’t a guarantee that the implementation is bug free. The test does not include all selectors and does not test for all possible bugs. For example ::selection isn’t part of this test because of difficulties with automated testing. The same applies to :hover.

      With these limitation Konqueror was the first to pass the test. Opera the second. Perhaps Opera has more complete support and has less bugs than Konqueror… but that is not within the scope of this test.

      That being said, the test is a great indication of how much attention is spend on implementing this feature and that there is at least a common baseline between browsers.

      Btw, the selector test does include some tests for updating the selection when the DOM is dynamicly updated.

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      I believe Dave Hyatt from Apple is responsible for fixing these bugs. I don’t know how much of the patches (if any) originate in Konqueror.

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      David, after digging into the page you mentioned I can confirm Webkit still fails the test: http://www.quirksmode.org/css/firstline.html (http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=15602). However other tests marked on that page as problematic in Safari are already fixed (checked in Webkit r30153).

    • 07.

      The initiative is undoubtedly good and whatever are the flaws at this point, the functionality is there and it in quite a way simplifies things.

      See another test case.

    • 08.

      As I suspected, Dave Hyatt credits the KHTML team for their work in getting the remaining selectors working:


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