Compatibility table – Backgrounds and Borders module

CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders properties
Property Presto 2.2 Presto 2.4+ WebKit 4 Gecko 1.9.1 Trident
background-color Yes Yes Yes Yes
background-image Partial* Yes Partial*† Partial
background-repeat Partial Yes Partial Partial
background-attachment Partial§ Yes Partial§ Partial§
background-position Yes Yes Yes Yes
background-clip No Yes Partial‖ ¶ Partial‖ ¶
background-origin No Yes Partial‖ ¶ Partial‖ ¶
background-size Yes Yes Partial‖ ** no
background Partial†† Partial†† Partial†† Partial††
border-top-color Yes Yes Yes Yes
border-right-color Yes Yes Yes Yes
border-bottom-color Yes Yes Yes Yes
border-left-color Yes Yes Yes Yes
border-color Yes Yes Yes Yes
border-top-style Yes Yes Yes Yes
border-right-style Yes Yes Yes Yes
border-bottom-style Yes Yes Yes Yes
border-left-style Yes Yes Yes Yes
border-style Yes Yes Yes Yes
border-top-width Yes Yes Yes Yes
border-right-width Yes Yes Yes Yes
border-bottom-width Yes Yes Yes Yes
border-left-width Yes Yes Yes Yes
border-width Yes Yes Yes Yes
border-top-right-radius No Yes Yes No‡‡ No
border-bottom-right-radius No Yes Yes No‡‡ No
border-bottom-left-radius No Yes Yes No‡‡ No
border-top-left-radius No Yes Yes No‡‡ No
border-radius No Yes Partial‖ §§ Yes No
border-top Yes Yes Yes Yes
border-right Yes Yes Yes Yes
border-bottom Yes Yes Yes Yes
border-left Yes Yes Yes Yes
border Yes Yes Yes Yes
border-image-source No No No No No
border-image-slice No No No No No
border-image-width No No No No No
border-image-outset No No No No No
border-image-repeat No No No No No
border-image No Yes Yes Yes No
box-break No No No No No
box-shadow No Yes Partial Yes No

Browsers and Rendering engines

Each property and unit was tested in the latest version of each of the major rendering engines – Presto, WebKit, Gecko and Trident. The browsers used in the charts above were as follows:

Presto 2.2
Tested using Opera 10 beta 3
Presto 2.4
Tested using Opera 10.5 pre alpha. This uses Presto 2.5, but the support for Backgrounds and Borders is the same as Presto 2.4
Tested using Safari 4 final
Gecko 1.9
Tested using Firefox 3.5 final

Tested using IE8 final


  • * multiple images are not supported.
  • † SVG image format is not supported. In the case of WebKit it is supported but very limited.
  • round and space values are not supported.
  • § local value is not supported.
  • ‖ Uses vendor prefix: -o- for Opera, -moz- for Mozilla, -webkit- for WebKit and -ms- for Microsoft
  • ¶ Gecko and WebKit do not support content-box value for background-clip and background-origin and the no-clip value for background-clip. Both support the alternative syntax border and padding instead of border-box and padding-box respectively.
  • ** cover and contain values are not supported.
  • †† new CSS3 properties not included in the background shorthand. This part of the spec is currently fairly unstable.
  • ‡‡ Gecko uses an alternative syntax, with prefix: -moz-border-radius-topright, etc.
  • §§ WebKit doesn’t support specifying different x and y radius in the border-radius shorthand via the / notation.
  • ‖‖ WebKit doesn’t support the inset keyword for inset box shadows, or the spread value.


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