Compatibility table – Color module

CSS3 Color properties
Property Presto 2.1 Presto 2.2 + WebKit 3 Gecko 1.9 Trident
color* Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
opacity Yes Yes Yes Yes No
CSS3 Color Units
Unit Presto 2.1 Presto 2.2 + WebKit 3 Gecko 1.9 Trident
HTML Colour keywords Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SVG Colour keywords Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes‡
RGB Yes Yes Yes† Yes Yes
RGBA No Yes Yes† Yes No
HSL Yes Yes Yes Yes No
HSLA No Yes Yes Yes No
transparent Yes** Yes Yes Yes Yes**
currentColor Yes Yes No Yes No

Browsers and Rendering engines

Each property and unit was tested in the latest version of each of the major rendering engines – Presto Core-2, WebKit, Gecko and Trident. KHTML wasn’t tested as they are working on transitioning to WebKit. The browsers used in the charts above were as follows:

Presto 2.1
Tested using Opera 9.5 final
Presto 2.2
Tested using Opera 10 alpha
Tested using Safari 3 final
Gecko 1.9
Tested using Firefox 3 beta

With the absence of public builds, Trident was tested using the shipping version of IE7

Testing procedure

The browsers above were tested with tests from various sources including examples and previews on this site, and David Baron’s css3-color Conformance Test Suite.


  • * Check the second table for units accepted for the various engines for the color property
  • † WebKit incorrectly accepts a mixture of integers and percentages for RGB and RGBA
  • ‡ Trident doesn’t support the grey keyword
  • ** transparent is supported, but only in the CSS2.1 context


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