Compatibility table – Namespace module

CSS3 Namespace properties
Property Presto 2+ WebKit 3 Gecko 1.9+ Trident
@namespace Yes Yes* Yes No

Browsers and Rendering engines

Each property and unit was tested in the latest version of each of the major rendering engines – Presto Core-2, WebKit, Gecko and Trident. KHTML wasn’t tested as they are working on transitioning to WebKit. The browsers used in the charts above were as follows:

Presto 2
Tested using Opera 9.5 final
Tested using Safari 3 final
Gecko 1.9
Tested using Firefox 3 beta

With the absence of public builds, Trident was tested using the shipping version of IE7

Testing procedure

The browsers above were tested using the following five tests. If you know of any others, let us know.


  • * WebKit incorrectly allows a namespace to come after a regular rule.


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