• 200724 Jun

    As liquidat points out quite correctly, it is NOT Opera that is the first to support all the tests in our CSS Selectors test. Those bragging rights go to Konqueror, as we pointed out in January already. Release 3.5.6 of KHTML was the first to support all the tests, not any other browser, sorry David :) .

    We, the CSS3.info team, are very very proud to see our Selectors Test being used as the de facto test of selectors compatibility though, and we hope that other browser projects will be using it too!

    While I’m at it, please remember that our preview section is only a showcase of css3 properties that are currently implemented in any browser. If any browser were to support all the things in that section, this does not constitute “full css3 support”, as there is no such thing yet. This also means that it could be that we are missing features in that section that are currently implemented in a browser, if that’s true, please drop us a line!

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