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    As one of our readers has pointed out to us, the latest (3.5.6) release of the KHTML rendering engine passes all of the tests in our CSS selector testsuite – making the Konqueror 3.5.6 browser the most CSS3-compatible of all.

    Also in the latest release is the implementation of text-overflow: ellipsis. It really is a shame that only a tiny proportion of web users have access to this excellent browser.

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      I like this…first some news from Opera and a few days later, good news from K. It almost makes Firefox seem behind the times a tad.

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      Funny thing was Peter, they even mentioned our selector testsuite in their Changelog :)

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      If it weren’t for the extensions, I’d put Firefox as possibly the third-best browser, behind Safari and Opera. But the extensions are invaluable to me, so Firefox is still my number one. Konqueror is excellent, but doesn’t play well with some sites.

      From what I’ve seen already of Firefox 3, however, I’d say it could well catapult into first place on release; the new Cairo graphics layer is very smooth, it passes the Acid2 test, and has a lot of CSS3 support.

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      Peter: we should do an update on FF3 soon :)

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      While the KHTML team has done a great job, how in-depth are the tests as our target support is known to buggy in certain situations, but passed all the tests. As far as I know we haven’t been testing against this test suite when adding our selector support. Now we know that we fail two of the tests of the selectors that are enabled, I’m sure we can get those bugs fixed quickly.

      But again, great work to the Konqueror guys for taking on these tests and adding all the selectors. I hope Opera joins them once our changes go into a released build. I also hope that if/when they move over to WebKit that these changes can be ported over as it would be a shame to lose all the hard work.

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      These will probably be ported to WebKit indeed :) and of course you should test your implementation against our testcase :)

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      […] for its high quality and standards-compliance. So I really wasn’t surprised when today I read an article stating that KHTML 3.5.6 is the most CSS3-compliant browser. The article does make one comment that I would like to address, however: It really is a shame that […]

    • 09.

      […] According to CSS3.info the rendering engine used in Konqueror (KHTML) passes a test suite that they have put together. I think this is great that Konqueror is already ready, or at least coming to the point of being ready, for CSS3. There are several attributes that I cannot wait to be able to use as a web designer. Other browsers, such as Firefox and Safari, are also beginnning to adopt some CSS3 attributes. […]

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      While its true KHTML, WebKit and Opera does have better CSS support than Gecko, I would say Gecko is still more powerful and standard compliant engine as it support most of the CSS standard and also a greater number of other standards (XML, XSL, DOM 1,2,3 ECMA Script 1.7, SVG and more).
      Also the support of Gecko on those standards in most of the case (with the exception of SVG which opera supports better) is more accurate and robust then others engines support.

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      Barak, I would invite you to try out KHTML and WebKit a bit more, they have the best SVG support IMHO, and are also better at CSS most of the time. Firefox has it’s other strenghts of course, it’s still my browser of choice for development.

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      I have newest Opera and Firefox and Firefox has better support for CSS3 (if i run that CSS3 test) than opera and konqueror pass it with green flags…

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      Joost de Valk: I am not sure about Safari, but I am almost certain that KHTML doesn’t have SVG support built in, but Konqueor uses KSVG (http://svg.kde.org/ ).

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      […] una notizia apparsa sul blog che si occupa della diffusione del nuovo standard per i fogli di stile CSS, il CSS3, si […]

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      The browser Konqueror does not work with some websites. This has to be addressed.

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      V. Sethuraman that has to be one of the most vague statements ever.

      First of all you could list some of the sites that it doesn’t work with and what in particular is broken .

      Secondly, if people are to “address” it, you have to identify what the current behaviour is, what it should be and where in the standards it says that it should be different…or if its a grey area, give examples of how a few other browsers handle it.
      That way if in fact it is not behaving correctly, people can actually go about fixing it.

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      While some may complain that konqueror/khtml does not work for certain websites, the majority of these sites are using User Agent detection and automatically assume konq is not supported. For example, gmail will not give konq the whole user interface by default, and instead gives plain html. Switching the user agent to Firefox allows gmail to work 100% in konq.

      This is the case for many websites that exist which seem to be stuck in 1997, trying to determine browser support based on user agent strings rather than just serving up a standards compliant website.

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      I can’t wait till KDE 4 so that Konqueror can (hopefully) run on Windows. I do use Konqueror for my personal web use and Firefox for my job (development). My favorite Firefox extension is Firebug. I don’t know what kind of debugging utilities are available for Konqueror, but I haven’t found anything usefull fore Explorer.

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      I know it is not 100% correct, but most buggy parts are because of case-intensivity on firefox site, I do not really care about them. I’m not sure if they will fix it in firefox 3.0, because when I ran a test with it, it looked better, but it still showed a few buggy like now. Only less real errors.

      I also think the XHTML enforcement for SVG on GECKO is silly, It makes SVG mostly useless. Haven’t tried it on Konqueror yet…

      I’m beginning to like KHTML more with every version. But like always I’m still missing the RICHTEXT features… It seems they solved those problems under safari already…

    • 20.

      The CSS support is fine, but the javascript support lags a bit behind. I think that many
      of the problems I have with websites under
      konqueror come down to js …

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      The browser Konqueror does not work with some websites. This has to be addressed… by the buggy websites.

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      […] KDE 3.5.6 gelmiş. Bu sürümdeki KHTML-3.5.6, CSS3 uyumlu sayfa gösterim motoru ünvanını almıştı. […]

    • 24.

      […] all the tests in our CSS Selectors test. Those bragging rights go to Konqueror, as we pointed out in January already. Release 3.5.6 of KHTML was the first to support all the tests, not any other browser, sorry David […]

    • 25.

      A great success on the CSS3 front, and the addition of ellipsis won’t hurt either. I’m not sure why more people haven’t caught on to free solutions. By all rights, this should be a race between Konquorer and Mozilla. In the first place, why would anyone pay for something they can get for free? In the second, the very fact that this is open source means it is a better product. I recognize that Microsoft has a bit of a stranglehold on the market, but I don’t think it has to be that way. Speaking personally, the reason it took me so long to switch as because I didn’t completely understand the advantages, and wasn’t sure I’d be able to access the same sites I always had. I think that in order for these kinds of open source programs to really take off, it may take a campaign of education. Obviously such a campaign is difficult in the face of MS’s superior advertising budget, but that’s assuming the campaign take place through traditional channels. We are a collection of web-savvy programmers — isn’t there some way to tackle this problem?

    • 26.

      […] an interesting history of the two engines – there is a bit of work to be done, such as importing KHTMLs advanced CSS 3 features, before the unforking happens, but it should mean that WebKit gains a lot more active developers, […]

    • 27.

      @music: I concur, it benefits everybody in the short term when someone switches from Internet Explorer (notice, I don’t mention which browser they switch _to_, that’s not really important)

      I think the main reason anybody doesn’t switch is because they don’t understand the benefits. An easy 99.9% of users who leave the big blue e don’t look back. The trouble with education is finding people with a long enough attention span to be educated.

      When the users use a proper browser:
      – design is quicker and easier (and cheaper) … Consequently the end result is a much higher quality product
      – less errors, less crashes
      – better privacy, security and speed
      – better content control (you only look at pron when you WANT to… your KIDS only look at pron when they want to)

      I blame the “If it aint broke, don’t fix it” mentality.

      I will concur with the article itself here also – no engine has better css3 support than khtml, with its support for “not” and suchlike already :)

      I’m a firefox user though, also very at home in opera. konqueror still has problems under the surface, largely with mime types, DTDs, javascript and the “cascading” in cascading stylesheets.
      Example of cascading problem in konqueror:
      make two stylesheets. one regular and one special on which says only
      * { font-size:60%; }
      you’ll get a different result in konqueror by rearranging the order tof the link elements on the page… most surprising. no other browser does this, and it’s not appropriate…

      Hopefully I’m just crazy and nobody else can replicate that, though.

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      Your link to text overflow: ellipsis seems broken. Hopefully you can fix it ASAP as I am really interested with the browser.

    • 29.

      […] 您可以将 Konqueror 设置为默认使用标签浏览,也可以定制其它相关界面。它目前常作为一个网络浏览器来使用,只是偶尔被用于作文件管理。 Konqueror 最初就是由文件管理器衍生而来,现在它却越来越多地被 KDE 用户们用作网络浏览器。作为一个网络浏览器,Konqueror 工作的很好,它对 CSS 3 的兼容性非常出色,包括对高度期望的“不透明标签”的支持也很好。 […]

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       Using khtml will affect the CSS appearance in Internet Explorer?

    • 31.

      […] since there are features in it that need to be ported into Webkit. For example, KHTML (in KDE 4) implements portions of the definition of the CSS3 standard, which will need to be adopted into Webkit and so […]


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