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    Jason Cranford Teague has volunteered to edit the CSS Basic UI, CSS Hyperlink Presentation, CSS Fonts and CSS Web Fonts modules and is looking for feedback from users on the latter two. He asks:

    Tell me what you think are some of the font styles and features missing from the current specification. What do you expect to be able to do with typography on your Web pages that you can not do now? What are you doing now with kludges that you would like to see simpler ways of doing?

    Leave a comment on his blog if you have any ideas; and why not leave a comment here, too, to let us know what your opinions are? No deadline has been given, but I suppose it’s the sooner, the better.

    You can skip to the end and leave a response.

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      How about the ability to style individual characters? We already have the pseudo selector :first-letter.

      The syntax may look something like this

      h1:chars(‘a’) { color: red; }
      h1:chars(‘b’) { color: blue; }

      This would avoid the whole <span class=”a”>a</span><span class=”b”>b</span>

      :chars may also use a delimited list i.e h1:letter(‘a’,’b’) and it would accept characters other than a-z.

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      What about font outlines? Not rectangular borders, but outlines on the text itself. That would be great for readability.

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      Hello, I am from the Netherlands and learning much about css. I have a problem with my navigation. A few jears ago I used frames te open a link from the menu in just another frame, I had just one navigation list te make and to change. Now I have nagivation on every page of my site (like 100 page’s) and when I need the change something I need to change that on al those page’s. So I like to now if I can open a link from my navigation menu from the left box to the box in the middle, like the situation with frames. I think this is not possible jet, so I hope with CSS3 this is possible.
      Greatings from Holland,

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      How about background-repeat-start and background-repeat-end, or maybe even something like background-repeat-length – That would really speed up page times when you want a long background to start in a certain place. (Hope you understand!)


      Use PHP includes, or use a CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Mambo etc.

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      Just realised I used the wrong email. There’s my gravatar there ;p.

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      I think I have to agree with Neal, CSS selectors or at least pseudos for individual characters would definitely be a time saver!

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      I just thought of another one which I personally would use CONSTANTLY if it existed.

      Some sort of “background-image-size:scale-to-fit;”

      This would be helpful only when your background image needs to be resized on only ONE axis (x or y). I do a LOT of custom CSS menu work for people, and a lot of the designs use either vertical or horizontal gradients which I could use if this method existed.

      Say the gradient is horizontal, I could make an image which is the right height, but maybe around 600px wide. Fill it with that horizontal gradient, then use the background image scale to fit to shrink it to it’s container’s size.

      This would be much easier than the method I’m currently using (very ugly).

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      Couldn’t you do background-image-size: 100% auto;?

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       more than useful information thanks


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