• 200822 Jul

    The CSS3 Colour module is one of the most implemented CSS3 modules. This was previously in the Candidate Recommendation stage, but has just recently been reverted to Last Call. While this sounds like a step backwards, it was done due to the specification being updated.

    The new version of the CSS3 Colour Module has removed those features that were not widely implemented, such as the flavor system colour and the @color-profile at-rule. These dropped features are now in a request for implementation, which basically means the W3C wants browser or user agent vendors to implement the features or they will not be included in the final recommendation. If this is the case, then they will either be dropped completely or moved to CSS Colour level 4. The last call lasts until the 1st of September. If you’d like to give comments then send them to the www-style mailing list. The CSS Snapshot 2007 is waiting for this spec to go to Candidate Recommendation before it moves from Working Draft to Candidate Recommendation itself.

    Now that the colour profile and flavor features have been removed, support is almost complete in three out of the four major browser engines. Firefox 3 supports the entire spec. Safari 3 has a bug with mixed values in RGB and RGBA, and does not support the the currentColor value, but the latest nightlies fixes both of these issues. Opera 9.5 does not support HSLA or RGBA, and doesn’t support the transparent value in CSS3 context (such as on the color property), but these are supported in the ACID3 build of Opera, and will be included in version of Opera that will use Core-2.2.

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