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    Although the Backgrounds and Borders Level 3 module has already reached the Candidate Recommendation stage of development several times in its lifespan, most recently in July 2012, the module has been updated again after implementation feedback identified the need for a few small changes.

    Keep reading for the full list of changes in this version.

    The updated specification can be viewed in full here.

    Changes from the July 2012 Candidate Recommendation

    • Allow <‘background-clip’> and <‘background-origin’> to be separated by other component values in the ‘background’ shorthand, since this is what is implemented.
    • Allow <color> and ‘inset’ to be interleaved in any order in ‘box-shadow’, since they are not ambiguous and CSS generally allows variant ordering where not ambiguous.
    • Define gradually increasing corner radius formula for ‘box-shadow’ spread curvature to create continuity between sharp corners (‘border-radius’ = 0) and curved corners (‘border-radius’ > spread distance). This also gives better results for all intermediate states.
    • Add definition for how the margin edge is curved in response to border-radius. (This is relevant for [CSS-SHAPES], but does not change conformance to CSS Backgrounds and Borders Level 3.)
    • Removed ‘box-decoration-break’; it is now part of [CSS3-BREAK].
    • Tighten up the definition of spread for ‘box-shadow’.
    • Clarify that a ‘border-style’ of ‘none’ also implies an initial ‘border-image-width’ of zero (since ‘border-image-width’ is initially set to the computed ‘border-width’, which in this case is zero).
    • Clarified how ‘background-attachment: local’ is affected by scrolling.
    • Simplified computed value of ‘background-position’ to clarify that all ‘background-position’ values are interpolable.
    • Added “Animatable” values to each property definition table.

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