• 200917 Jul

    Dear Readers,

    I am writing this article to introduce myself as the new owner of CSS3.info, having recently acquired the site from W3 Edge.

    As a website, CSS3.info is a fantastic resource for the web standards and development community, which since it’s creation in 2006 has grown to be one of the most popular websites on CSS3 in the world. I am informed that in the past user feedback from CSS3.info has led to changes in the CSS3 specification, and I am keen to see the site continue to develop and serve the web design community, and retain it’s reputation within the industry.

    I realise that over the past few months the site has not been updated as regularly as the readers may have been previously used to, and this is one of the first things I intend to rectify, ensuring that the site continues to deliver the latest news from the bleeding edge of CSS3 development. I also intend to introduce a discussion forum to the site as a matter of priority, to allow the site’s user base to communicate more effectively and encourage active discussion on the subject of CSS3.

    I have already been in contact with a number of Authors who have contributed to the site over the years to find out how they would like to see CSS3.info develop in the future, I would now like to open this question up to the site’s user base.

    What do you like about the site?
    What would you like to see improved?
    What new features would you like to see added to the site?
    And how best can the site continue to serve the community?

    I look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions either via the comments form below, or via the new feedback tab on the right hand side of the page.

    I would also encourage anyone interested in contributing to the site, either by writing news articles or other means, to get in touch.

    Kind Regards,

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