• 200629 Sep

    So it’s been quite a while, and i should have ended the summer contest almost a complete month ago, but due to extreme business on my side, with a new born son and other stuff, i didn’t get around to it. But I have finally come to it, and here it is:

    The CSS3 summer contest winners!

    • The fifth prize goes to Mauricio Samy Silva for the complete selectors explanation he made that i have yet to work in to the site.
    • The fourth prize goes to Peter Gasston, fellow blogger on this blog, for his blogposts and other great work he did for this site.
    • The third prize goes to Mihai Sucan, for his excellent speech preview.
    • The second prize goes to Mauricio Samy Silva, for the attribute selectors preview he made.
    • The first prize goes to Niels Leenheer, for his javascript based css compatbility tester, which is a very, very cool script, which i’ll soon publish here.

    So, people, please contact me with the name and email address you want your prizes to be registered to, and i’ll get them to you!!

    You can skip to the end and leave a response.

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      Javascript based CSS selector compatibility tester…

      Joost de Valk let me know that I won the CSS3 summer contest over at css3.info. I created a Javascript based CSS selector compatibility tester. It surprised me a bit because I never thought my entry……


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