• 200709 Feb

    Mozilla released Gran Paradiso alpha 2, which is what will become Firefox 3. Running it through the CSS selectors testsuite shows there’s been a few improvements. It passed 32 out of the 43 selectors. Only 4 are buggy and 7 unsupported. That’s not a big improvement over Firefox, as that browser passes 26 of the 43, with 10 buggy and the same number of unsupported selectors. It looks like they’ve debugged issues with their attribute selectors so far, but this is only an alpha so there’s likely lots of improvements yet to come.

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    • 01.

      Personally I’m having high expectancies of Firefox 3, especially in the microformats corner…

    • 02.

      It seems to pass the Acid2 test now! :)


    • 03.

      What has impressed me most about this browser, even at such an early stage, is the rendering speed; it’s lightning fast! A huge improvement.

      The fact it passes the Acid2 test is nice, although not vital. Some work needs to be done on the anti-aliasing on border-radius (at the moment it’s quite blurry), but otherwise I’ve been very impressed and I’d love to see which features are going to be supported at launch.

    • 04.

      Well actually they are investigating to put more CSS3 features in to Fx 3. So they is still hope ;-)

      And Peter, they are going to rewrite the bordercode (see bug 368247) which is going to land before alpha 3.

    • 05.

      I made a comparison with other browsers available for Mac OS X.
      Firefox 3.0a2 : From the 43 selectors 30 have passed, 4 are buggy and 9 are unsupported (Passed 367 out of 578 tests)
      Omniweb 5.5 : From the 43 selectors 25 have passed, 8 are buggy and 10 are unsupported (Passed 352 out of 578 tests)
      Opera 9.10 : From the 43 selectors 25 have passed, 3 are buggy and 15 are unsupported (Passed 346 out of 578 tests)
      Safari 2.0.4 : From the 43 selectors 21 have passed, 7 are buggy and 15 are unsupported (Passed 336 out of 578 tests)
      Firefox 3.0a2 is the winner, which is a very good thing for the future.

    • 06.

      I’d love to see border-radius improved. I use it on my personal site and I think it’s just not quite smooth enough.

      I’d love to see how the development version of Opera would do on the Selectors test! Hearing so much about it lately, I’d just like to see how it does at this point.

    • 07.

      I hope CSS3 will be available very soon, in the other case, each browser will have its own non-standard commands.
      I don’t understand why W3C takes so many time to define CSS3.

    • 08.

      CSS3 will be defined in parts, so different parts will be in different statuses all the time. For the entire CSS3 spec to be completed will take years…

    • 09.

      Actually, I was quite happy with the improvements in border-radius. It’s completely usable… though if people want to tweak the anti-aliasing a bit it won’t hurt my feelings. Just glad that it no longer looks like a 3 yr old’s attempt to draw a curve in mspaint.

      I hope to god they get text-shadow and box-shadow working before FF3 comes out.


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