• 200708 Jun

    I’m at @media 2007 at the moment, and just watched a very interesting presentation by Håkon Wium Lie – who, as we know, wrote the original specification for CSS, 13 years ago.

    In his presentation he talked about Opera on different platforms, then went into the future of HTML and CSS, talking about the HTML 5 spec, the new <video> element, @media queries, the CSS 3 paged content modules, multiple-columns, and much more.

    I asked him what he thought of Andy Budd’s call for a CSS2.2 specification, and he said that he was all for it – now that’s an influential ally!

    He also let slip a heavy hint that the next release of Opera (or at least an imminent release) will support the @font-face declaration, enabling us to finally break free of the limited font set!

    It was a very interesting talk that touched on many more subjects, some of which I may return to later.

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      Good stuff Peter! The @font-face declaration should be very very interesting, especially combined with the conditional SIFR i’m currently building, which would allow to use SIFR if there’s no other possible way to use the correct font :)

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      wow, I hope Mozilla implement the font-linking too!

    • 03.

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      @font-face support in Opera ! That is great news. Let’s hope that Firefox will got it one day too … (including for SVG). Let’s hope the font format supported will be open type base to support advanced features …

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      Its nice someone is taking the lead on the linked fonts, as Microsoft never finalized their “web font” idea, at least not that I know of. I’m sure Firefox will follow soon. But I fear that their maybe some lawsuits over fonts.

    • 06.

      I realize this is an old post, I just found this site and I started at the back and have been reading forward, and I have to say, the font-face declaration is definitely one of the most exciting features of CSS3!


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