• 200703 May

    Apologies to all for the delay between posts, the site authors are busy with jobs, family and holidays. We’ll have some new content very shortly. In the meantime, here’s a quick browser update.

    Based on my own statistics – and these are not, of course, meant to be in any way representative – April saw a pretty decent leap for IE7; its share of the market rose to 21.1%, up from 18.6% the month before. Even more encouraging, IE6 fell to 46.5% after its shock rise to 50.6% last month.

    Firefox’s share continues on a slow decline since I began my figures; from a high of 16.9% in November, it falls to 14.8% in the latest figures.

    Microsoft were noticeably guarded with details of changes in future versions of IE at their recent MIX event, although hints were dropped that we’d see improvements to CSS, RSS, and AJAX, and that Microformats could be on their way.

    In an effort to tie this post to the theme of this blog, let me ask a question: what three CSS3 features would you most like to see in IE8?

    Update: Maybe I should reword the question: With the presumption that all outstanding CSS2 bugs are removed, and all remaining CSS2 declarations implemented, what CSS3 features would you most like to see in IE8?

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