• 200707 Jun

    The W3C announced yesterday that they released new versions of the Multi-Column Layout module and the Media Queries module.

    The last version of the Media Queries module dated back to July 8th 2002, so some time had passes since. The Multi-column layout module had been updated somewhat more recently, on the 15th of December 2005.

    Changes to the Media Queries module

    Other than quite a few new examples and the module being updated to the new look and feel, I can’t find much changes to this module…

    Changes to the Multi-column layout module

    This new version removes the property column-break-inside, which basically worked the same as column-break-before or column-break-after but for the inside (hah, you weren’t expecting that, where you?), and “replaces” it with column-fill.

    It also adds the column-span property, which makes a lot more sense to me, allowing an element to span multiple columns. Example:

    h2 { column-span: all; }

    Good to see those modules updated, let’s hope they make it to final soon(-ish).

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