• 200831 Mar

    Some of you might have noticed that in the last few months, we’ve been having quite a few outages. Most of these were directly related to this blog being on Digg, Slashdot, Reddit, you name it. Some of the outages were caused by an even nastier thing, my other blog, an SEO blog, was on the same server, and had some articles, about WordPress SEO for instance, that were being hammered on a lot as well. Due to the fact that it was one environment, if that blog went down, this one went too, and the other way around.

    So we started looking around for a better hosting provider, and thanks to David, we got in touch with the great guys at Media Temple, who graciously offered to take care of our hosting for us. This had the added benefit of this server being in the States, close to where 80% of our public is. So after a bit of work, we’re now on a new hosting environment, everything should be working again, and a bit faster than before.

    We’ve also gotten a new RSS button, as you can see, thanks to my pal Roy Huiskes, and we’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.5, which I absolutely love. If there’s anything you see that’s not working correctly, let us know in the comments, and we’ll fix it!

    BTW: we’ve got 3 advertising spots available at the moment on the right, if you’re interested, check out the advertising page.

    Update: we now have gravatar support as well, get yourself one!

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