• 200614 Aug

    Once again, i can add a price to the list of prizes to give away in the summer holiday contest! The extra price is: a Professional license of oXygen XML Editor v7.2, which allows the user to use it on any OS (Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac OS X). That’s another $225 on the stack :).

    In other news, i’ve had some people announcing they would join in the contest, but have only received ONE submission so far. So people: get them going!

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    • 01.

       Brought to the place of execution, the victim would be stripped naked while ropes were attached to their ankles. They would then be made to lie flat on their backs while the ends of the rope were attached to a horse and rider on either side. The stake, a twenty foot length of wood, smoothed and oiled and sharpened to a blunt point would then be introduce the anus, if a male, or the vagina or anus, if female. It was important that the point was not too sharp in case the major organs were ruptured and death came swiftly, just as it was important that the stake gradually widened the from the point down. In the capable hands of their riders and guides, the horses would be urged slowly forward, drawing the victim onto the stake while the executioner guided its progress.

    • 02.

       The stake would travel through the body and emerge either through the mouth, (if death was to be early) or just below the collar bone or between the shoulder blades. Once the victim was properly skewered, the whole appliance was then carefully lifted and placed into a ready made sink hole, secured in place by smaller stakes and rocks. It could take days for the victim to die from this horrific practice. Death would eventually come as the internal organs were slow crushed between the stake and the rib cage as the victim inexorably slid down the wedge shaped structure.


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