• 200816 Mar

    It was announced yesterday on the Webkit Blog that their latest nightlies now score 91/100 on Acid3. EDIT:- As of last night, the latest nightlies now score 92/100.

    Kudos to the Webkit guys for obtaining such a high score after Acid3’s launch only earlier this month; I recommend you subscribe to the blog to keep up with their work, as it’s pretty active at the moment and I’m sure that activity is only going to increase the closer they come to passing Acid3.

    A meta bug has been created in their Bugzilla which you can use to keep track of their progress and outstanding bugs relating to an Acid3 pass.

    Other browser scores below:-

    • IE8 – 17/100
    • Opera nightly (build 4681) – 65/100
    • FF3b pre 5 – 70/100

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