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    This site has always been about what we wanted to tell you about CSS3. We have some nice articles coming up, among which at least one interview with a famous webdesigner and I would like to know (so please drop your questions in the comments): what do you want to know about CSS3?

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      – how are the people behind CSS3 looking at the relatively slow-paced roadmaps? Is there any likeliness that we’ll see things move into CR status a bit sooner, rather than later?

      – to what extent, if any, are you working closely with browser developers to integrate preliminary (and later on, “regular”) support for CSS3 specs that are currently in WD or CR?

      I’ll come up with some more things later, when I’m not short on time like now :)

    • 02.

      Damn good questions Faruk, thx! Keep them coming guys :)

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      It looks as though the new HTML 5 aka Web Apps 1 spec is going to be started and finished before CSS3 is finalised. I’d like to know if the development of HTML 5 is going have an impact on CSS3 and if so… in what ways.

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      To complement Jon’s excellent question:

      – is CSS3 being made with both HTML5 and XHTML2 in mind, in particular XHTML2’s new elements and the new possibilities, and if so, to what extent / how?

    • 05.

      The most important thing I know about CSS3, is that it will cost extremely much time to get implemented in the browsers…

    • 06.

      Thx for the questions Jon and Faruk! I’ve made a list of questions for the first celebrity, and will be sending that out quite soon, so if you have any additional questions, add them fast :)


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