• 200712 Feb

    We’ve been focussing a lot on what we will gain from CSS3, but of course we will lose some things too; namely, some of the CSS tricks we’ve come to rely on over the past few years.

    I’m thinking about some of the great techniques that have been developed to stylise the web, like the ‘sliding doors’ technique, for example. It’s a simple and elegant way to style your navigation lists, but it will be made redundant either by border-radius or multiple backgrounds (or a combination of the two).

    Looking through this list of CSS Techniques You Couldn’t Live Without, I spotted a number that will no longer be necessary when CSS3 is fully implemented. Of course this will make life easier for developers, but at the same time it’s a little sad to see creative solutions being rendered obsolete.

    Something that I’m very much looking forward to, however, is seeing what the talented and creative authors of these techniques will come up with when all the new styling possibilities are laid out in front of them!

    Update for clarity: Of course, all of these techniques will continue to work in standards-compliant browsers, but as we no longer need to use them they will fall into obscolescence.

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