• 200721 Feb

    A quick run through the visitor logs of 10 websites I run or manage shows that Internet Explorer 7 usage is still growing, although it’s slowed down considerably since the boom of December 2006 when Microsoft released it into the automatic update programme.

    Average share for the month of February (to date) is 18.4%; the number varies from 9% to 26%. These figures are from a range of different sites, from personal blogs to full corporate websites, and are intended to be indicative, not definitive.

    TheCounter.com puts the figure at 24%; Browser News provides a range between 14% and 25%.

    I think 20% is probably a reasonable estimate; that’s one fifth of the market. It’s pretty big, but even with Firefox’s share of around 15% and Safari’s 5% or so (as well as the smaller market share of Opera and others) that means that less than 50% of the surfing public use a browser with even the most basic CSS3 functionality.

  • 200709 Feb

    As you might have seen, we have moved the blog from /blog/ to the main domain, since the homepage wasn’t exactly useful anyway. In the process we have moved some pages that were static into WordPress, and we will be doing that for most other pages as well in the coming weeks. If you see glitches, feel free to mail us, we’ll try and fix it.

  • 200709 Feb

    Mozilla released Gran Paradiso alpha 2, which is what will become Firefox 3. Running it through the CSS selectors testsuite shows there’s been a few improvements. It passed 32 out of the 43 selectors. Only 4 are buggy and 7 unsupported. That’s not a big improvement over Firefox, as that browser passes 26 of the 43, with 10 buggy and the same number of unsupported selectors. It looks like they’ve debugged issues with their attribute selectors so far, but this is only an alpha so there’s likely lots of improvements yet to come.

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