• 200704 Jan

    Some of you might have noticed that this site is not valid CSS, which is of course a tid bit weird for a site as this… There’s a reason for this though. New CSS3 features are often “tested” by browser manufacturers by implementing them as vendor specific extensions. These are allowed by both CSS2.1 and CSS3, yet, the validator does error on them, even when it’s validation profile is set to CSS3.

  • 200630 Nov

    The difficulty many developers face when they start moving to table-less sites is getting the layout to work. Floats and positioning are easy enough for basic layouts, but start to become incredibly complex when moving to a more advanced level. When the push to move to pure CSS layouts became intense, the problem was – and is – that tables are still a lot more convenient in many cases, and there is sometimes no decent alternative without contorting yourself; you can’t even use the display: table family, as there’s no support in IE.

    An interesting potential solution is in the CSS3 Advanced Layout module.

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