• 200916 Oct

    One of the requests that came in during the WASP feedback discussions was for image “sprites”: for the ability to take a slice of an image and use it, e.g., as a background image. This would allow lots of decorative graphics to be placed in the same file. Image slices like this are actually on the CSS Working Group’s radar; the idea’s been floating around for quite awhile, and we’ve added a placeholder for them in the new CSS3 Image Values draft.

    So I wanted to gather some feedback on what syntax would be most useful to you. :) The restriction is: the syntax must be usable as a value for any property that takes images. That is, you can’t suggest new properties. It has to be something that can be used as the value for any of background-image, list-style-image, content, border-image, etc. Bonus points for explaining why your proposed syntax is more convenient than any others.

    A few ideas to start (feel free to add your opinion on these):

    • image-slice("image.png", X, Y, W, H) Advantage: dead simple.
    • url("image.png#xywh=X,Y,W,H") Advantage: can be used other places like <img src="...">, browser address bar, etc.
  • 200908 Oct

    One aspect of CSS3 that hasn’t received a lot of attention so far is the Flexible Box Layout module. Already implemented in the Gecko and WebKit engines, in this alternative box model:

    “… the children of a box are laid out either horizontally or vertically, and unused space can be assigned to a particular child or distributed among the children by assignment of ‘flex’ to the children that should expand.”

    It’s probably easier if I show you how this works. NB: you’ll need to be using Firefox, Safari or Chrome (or a variant thereof) to see the demos; and if you’re reading this in a feed reader, you’ll need to visit the original post to see them.

  • 200931 Aug

    Over the past few weeks I’ve received a number of emails from visitors to CSS3.info regarding CSS3 validation errors when using vendor specific extentions, for example -moz, -webkit, to implement CSS3 in their websites.

    This certainly isn’t a new topic, and in fact Joost de Valke first raised the issue on this website back in January 2007, however a glance over the W3C mailing-list archive highlights that this debate is still going strong, with a number of interesting ideas raised, and I thought it would make an interesting discussion point for the CSS3.info community.

  • 200929 Aug

    My hat off to all CSS3.info readers.

    My name is Mikolaj Sitek , but everybody knows me as Jalokim, (its just so much simpler isn’t it?). Some folks may know me, especially those from forumotion.com, cheers all :P. I am a young (20 yo)  freelance web designer and somewhat of a developer from Poland. Web design  became my new passion 3 years ago , earlier I was just a graphics artist and fiddling about in HTML and CSS.

  • 200927 Aug

    Microsoft announced on Tuesday that network managers can now upgrade any Windows PC’s on their networks to the latest version of Internet Explorer 8 via their Windows Server Update Services platform, clearly representing a significant time saver for managers of large networks.

    Does this easier to upgrade option mean that large organisations, businesses, schools, universities, colleges, etc., IE6′s last remaining stronghold,  will now finally be encouraged to make the move away from IE6?

  • 200920 Aug

    The CSS 3 news never really gets too quiet out there, I think that more coders and designers than ever have their heads down and hands dirty in CSS 3. How do I know? Well more tutorials and examples are being made all the time and more and more mentions are popping up on the various design and development blogs. Are your hands dirty enough? I know mine weren’t so I set out to see what’s new in for this summer as it draws to a close.

  • 200912 Aug

    icon: Waving Woman Hiya to all CSS3.info readers

    I’d like to introduce myself in this time of CSS3 excitement and changes here at CSS3.info. Some of you may already know me under the nom de plume of SuzyUK from the CSS Forum at WebmasterWorld. My ‘name ‘has always confused people as I registered on t’internet in the days ‘ASL’ pests and my previous nicknames never even gave away my gender.

    To make it easy, my name is Claire ‘Suzy’ Campbell, Suzy really is my middle name. In my real life I answer to both Claire or Suzy, and on the Web I answer to both too though mostly it’s Suzy. To try and make it easy I’m also a recent twitter convert so I combined them both – you can find me on @ClaireSuzy . I’m Scottish, from the Doric Speaking region so sometimes native ‘wee’ words might crop up in my speech.

  • 200908 Aug

    Firefox 3.6 Alpha 1, codenamed Namoroka (after the Namoroka National Park in Madagascar), was released as a nightly download yesterday on the 7th August 2009.

    This latest developer test version of the popular browser, based on the Gecko 1.9.2 platform,  offers increased support for CSS3, most notably background-size, CSS gradients, multiple background images along with support for the rem unit from the CSS3 values and units module.

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