• 200912 Aug

    icon: Waving Woman Hiya to all CSS3.info readers

    I’d like to introduce myself in this time of CSS3 excitement and changes here at CSS3.info. Some of you may already know me under the nom de plume of SuzyUK from the CSS Forum at WebmasterWorld. My ‘name ‘has always confused people as I registered on t’internet in the days ‘ASL’ pests and my previous nicknames never even gave away my gender.

    To make it easy, my name is Claire ‘Suzy’ Campbell, Suzy really is my middle name. In my real life I answer to both Claire or Suzy, and on the Web I answer to both too though mostly it’s Suzy. To try and make it easy I’m also a recent twitter convert so I combined them both – you can find me on @ClaireSuzy . I’m Scottish, from the Doric Speaking region so sometimes native ‘wee’ words might crop up in my speech.

  • 200908 Aug

    Firefox 3.6 Alpha 1, codenamed Namoroka (after the Namoroka National Park in Madagascar), was released as a nightly download yesterday on the 7th August 2009.

    This latest developer test version of the popular browser, based on the Gecko 1.9.2 platform,  offers increased support for CSS3, most notably background-size, CSS gradients, multiple background images along with support for the rem unit from the CSS3 values and units module.

  • 200917 Jul

    Dear Readers,

    I am writing this article to introduce myself as the new owner of CSS3.info, having recently acquired the site from W3 Edge.

    As a website, CSS3.info is a fantastic resource for the web standards and development community, which since it’s creation in 2006 has grown to be one of the most popular websites on CSS3 in the world. I am informed that in the past user feedback from CSS3.info has led to changes in the CSS3 specification, and I am keen to see the site continue to develop and serve the web design community, and retain it’s reputation within the industry.

  • 200917 Jun

    Earlier this year we asked if you still want more out of CSS 3 and we found that you did. Of late, we are seeing the dialogue rekindled time and again with great posts being written on other major blogs. Smashing Magazine contributor Inayaili de Leon provides code samples and insight on: using browser-specific properties, selectors, RBGA and opacity, multi-column layouts, multiple backgrounds, word wrap, text shadow. @font-face attribute, border radius, border image, box shadow and more. Definitely great work by de Leon, that also earned a mention from ajaxian. So check out the post and enjoy! Well done Inayaili!


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